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Defending Your Civil Rights From Police Abuse

Over the last few years, the actions of police officers have caught the nation’s attention due to the alarming number of instances in which officers have violated their oaths to protect and serve their communities through acts of abuse, brutality and violence. Even here in Maricopa County, many people have experienced civil rights violations, including housing discrimination, unfair denial of government benefits or the police’s unlawful use of force against them.

At the Rake Law Group, P.C., we are dedicated to representing clients in Arizona who have been impacted by this epidemic of civil rights violations. Our civil rights attorney, Buddy Rake, has over 50 years of experience helping clients who have been wrongfully abused by the government, especially those who have been physically injured in the process and need help recovering damages for their medical treatment.

Lawyers Must Fight Police Officers’ Immunity From Prosecution

Suing police officers for civil rights violations can be difficult. Officers are given a broad immunity for their conduct so long as they are correctly performing their work within the scope of their job. When a government entity has unfairly targeted someone and violates their civil rights, the victim can turn to our office for help fighting back and enforcing their rights. With police officer misconduct claims in particular, our team is highly skilled in pursuing justice for our clients.

Holding The Government Accountable Through Skilled Litigation

Our team can overcome this immunity by showing that an officer acted willfully beyond the scope of their duty and committed misconduct in the way that they violated our client’s civil rights. We sue the officers and the police department under the Civil Rights Act of 1871, which provides the basis for suing someone working on behalf of the government who has violated your federal rights. Usually, this includes such actions as unlawful or excessive use of force, false arrest, and malicious prosecution, but it can be used to enforce any violations of your federal rights.

With over 200 trials in his portfolio, Buddy Rake has the knowledge, skill and experience needed to handle these exceptional cases and help you hold the wrongdoers accountable. You can rely on us to help you get through your situation, especially when you have been physically harmed in the violation of your rights.

Come Call Our Office Today

If you or someone that you care about has been harmed and had their civil rights violated by the police, you should connect with our office so that Buddy can help you. You can hold those who hurt you accountable for their actions, and Buddy can help you fight to enforce your rights. Call our Phoenix office at 602-858-4068 or send us a message online with a short description of your case. We offer free, confidential consultations, so call us today to get the help you need.