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Catastrophic Injuries Require A Skilled And Experienced Attorney

Being injured is never an easy challenge to overcome, and in some cases, the harm that you have sustained is so severe that it will dramatically change your life. In the event of these catastrophic situations, you need to consider what your options are, as you may no longer be able to work or provide for yourself or your family as you once did, and you may require continued medical treatment for the rest of your life.

In these types of situations, you need to turn to someone who has been around these types of cases before, and who can help you get compensation to pay for all your medical bills and other financial stressors. At the Rake Law Group, P.C., you can work with our team to get the payment you need from those who so grievously hurt you. Our office in Phoenix is known for taking the difficult cases such as severe trucking accidents, medical malpractice and products liability cases. Our founder, Buddy Rake, has over five decades of experience and is a certified injury and wrongful death attorney by the Arizona Board of Legal Specialization.

Our Office Handles The Toughest Cases

We are proud of the work that we have done on behalf of our clients throughout Maricopa County and beyond in helping them get the money they need to recover from a catastrophic injury. Catastrophic injuries often require a much greater amount of preparation, evidence gathering and time in order to take them all the way to trial. You will almost certainly need expert witnesses present in order to substantiate your injuries and demonstrate their extent.

These cases often are highly technical and require a deep understanding of medical terms and methodology in order to fully grasps the issues at play. That is where our attorney excels. With his wealth of experience, he can easily determine how best to approach these cases, and his network of expert witnesses means that he can find the right specialist to testify for the injuries that you have.

Let Us Help You

You do not have to continue struggling with your situation alone. By choosing to work with the Rake Law Group, P.C., you can get a steadfast and unwavering ally on your side who will fight zealously for the money you need in order to begin putting your life back together. If you would like to begin that journey with us, you can call our office at 602-858-4068 or by sending us a message online. We offer free consultations, so do not hesitate to reach out to us for help today.