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The Only Boating Law Office In Arizona

Some people might look a bit oddly at a law office in the Sonoran Desert that accepts admiralty and maritime cases, but that only goes to demonstrate the reach that our firm has achieved. Admiralty and maritime law cases arise not only in coastal areas, but also on any navigable waterway on which commerce can take place.

Where ships can sail, maritime law can follow, and our firm is prepared to represent clients wherever they need us. Maritime cases can be either state or federal cases, depending on which has jurisdiction over the particular case, and we can represent our clients in either venue. Contact the Rake Law Group, P.C., if you have need of our services in an admiralty or maritime law case.

What Are Admiralty Law Claims?

Not all causes of action that happen in or around a body of water will qualify as an admiralty law case. The general rule is that admiralty law applies to cases which an accident occurs in a navigable body of water and involves some element of maritime commerce, such as shipping or boating services. An example of how this works would be this:

You take your boat out onto Lake Mead, and you and your friend are racing one another when suddenly one of you loses control and you collide.

This would be considered maritime jurisdiction, because your accident occurred on a navigable waterway that falls under the purview of federal law. All manner of cases can fall under this umbrella, from collision cases, a crew member who becomes seriously injured in an accident, mortgages or liens on ships, salvage actions, and even some more uncommon cases such as piracy.

The exact determination of whether federal maritime law or state maritime law applies is a very fact intensive investigation, which is why an experienced maritime law attorney is required in order to determine how to proceed with your case. This is why so few attorneys practice it, and why those who do are highly sought after.

Come And See How We Can Help You

If you think that you have an admiralty law case on your hands, then you should speak with our team to see how we can help you. As one of the few firms that takes these cases in Arizona, we are always ready to take on new challenges for our clients. You can call our Phoenix office by dialing 602-858-4068 or you can send us a message online with a short description of your case. We offer free consultations for our prospective clients, so feel free to reach out today.